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Content That Ranks Keyword research, surfer SEO optimized. No edits needed for $49

Content That Ranks Keyword research, surfer SEO optimized. No edits needed

Pre-launch Sale Ends July 12th, 2020!

Do You Have a Content-Gap in Your Business?

Read on to find out how I can help populate your business with content that’ll help you rank higher in Google, and keep your visitors moving towards your order buttons…

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

  1. You’ve been running ads to an ecom store but you also want organic traffic
  2. You’ve got a business with some content, but it’s not enough to keep traffic coming back
  3. You want content that logically leads people to the sale. Not just filler content .

If any of these sounds like you, then read on. I’ll explain what great content can do for your business and ultimately, your bank account…

So the easiest way to Page 1 of Google, is with well researched keywords and perfectly optimized content. Once you have this part sorted, it sometimes only takes a few quality links to hit that front page.

A lot of people know this, but the pain-point for many business owners, is just getting content that you’re actually happy with.

The typical scenario with content is this:

You place an order…

You wait

It gets delivered

You’re either just reasonably satisfied with it, or totally disappointed!

But Why?
I believe it’s because many people who can write well, don’t really understand how to bridge that important gap between what us humans respond to, and what the search engines want.

“When content gets written for the web, it rarely satisfies both the reader AND Google”

Typical Content Service Providers Usually Provide You With Some Of The Following:

1. Optimized content that Google likes and humans don’t, or…

2. Non-optimized content that Google ignores and humans “would” like (if it was to ever somehow rank in the search engines)

Would Having Your Content AND Optimization For SEO Done For You Make Life Easier?

Content that was:

  • Well researched and speaks to the wants and desires of your readers
  • Written around the best keywords in your niche right now
  • PERFECTLY OPTIMIZED for SEO, so it ranks above your competitors and helps build ORGANIC traffic over the long term (great if you’ve been relying on paid traffic)

So What Exactly Do You Get Here?

  • 500-700 words of content per order (plus any extras)
  • Deep keyword analysis in your niche, to identify the Golden nuggets that your competitors wish they’d found before you.
  • Proper topic research and understanding customers needs
  • Content structure created around a proven framework, that will have your customers glued to the page
  • Time-tested and proven calls to action within your content (your content will have real intent behind it)
  • Perfectly optimized for SEO, based on what your competitors are ranking for RIGHT NOW, using Surfer SEO)